Welcome to Embodied Spirit!

Journey with us to bring clarity and vision to what is next for you

We believe in the power of nature, simplicity, and creativity to ignite profound transformations. Our work is designed for individuals or teams seeking to break free from the daily grind, reconnect with their essence, and find innovative solutions while fostering team unity.

About Us

Embodied Spirit is a partnership between Shanti Faiia and Lee Bazalgette.

Our collaboration brings together a unique blend of tools that can help draw out hidden or stuck narratives, allowing them to come forward and be discovered. We use these techniques on a daily basis in our own lives, and therefore have lived experience of how transformational it can be.

We have experience teaching and guiding groups of people using these tools, which include Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Narrative Building, sketching and drawing, model making, and much more.

If you would like to bring your team to our transformational Discovery Retreat in April, contact either Lee or Shanti now to find out more! We can’t wait to meet you and get those ideas flowing!

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.


About Shanti

I am an intuitive spiritual healer and the Founder of Embodied Spirit Ltd., transforming people’s experience of themselves, of life, and of leadership through group and one-to-one healing work.

I am a facilitator and a guide of practices that give us humans the possibility to open our minds and re-pattern them in ways that allow us to be more effective, more self-responsible, more self-loving, accepting and therefore more effective and potent in the world. My work is an invitation for you to experience yourself internally, and more authentically express who you are into the world.

I believe that when we do this inner work, we are able to create changes that not only impact us personally, but also impact our families, work, communities, cities, countries, and ultimately our planet. When we bring ourselves into alignment with who we truly are, we free our minds from drama and story, and we start to experience ourselves as fully embodied, and present. We can then lead ourselves (and others) in an embodied way.

This powerful shift from leading from the body instead of the head is a concept I call ‘embodied spirit’ or ‘embodied leadership’. What is that exactly? I see it in 3 key ways:

1) It is our ability to connect to our bodies and authentically embody and express who we are. 

2) It is a feeling of being completely safe in your body, and being very present. It is the knowing that ‘I don’t need anything from anyone else, I don’t feel afraid, and I am not feeling a lack of anything’.

3) It allows communication with yourself and others to be really authentic, simple, and powerful. When things become simple, and powerful, it’s easier to find clarity, take action, and create the life you want. 

My invitation to each of you is to get into your body, change your energy, and change your world. If every person became an embodied spirit and an embodied leader, then maybe there’s a chance we can change the world from the inside out.

I help people to find more resilience, joy, peace, and freedom in themselves, using tools and practices that encourage greater embodiment and connection to the self.

About Lee

I’ve spent 20 years solving problems for people, digesting their briefs, thoughts and ideas, and manifesting them into products, objects and things that exist on planet earth. There’s joy for me in tugging at the threads of ideas and exploring them collaboratively.

My global, cross-sector experience has given me a broad insight into many different worlds and fostered my genuine interest in the products and processes that interact with humans and the planet.

I’ve made factories fun through unexpected surprise and delight, turned waste plastic into social enterprise and harvested sunlight energy to power a Tesla electric car. I’ve helped global corporations create award winning products, and guided many entrepreneurs through the early stages of understanding their own narrative.

My dream is to empower people who are looking to make great things happen by digging into their innate creativity and letting the ideas flow!