A small sample of testimonials received from people who have been in retreat and workshops with us.

It was truly a very special weekend – I’m so grateful to Lee and Shanti for the invitation and for holding what was a very potent yet gentle energetic space for us to do “our work” – in whatever shape that flowed. 

For my part – I definitely tapped into/shifted something rather significant – and as a result my project has already jumped itself forward! I may have found a funder for my project this week and another tremendous and related work project – quite a wonderful surprise! You’ve got some Big magic you two! Thanks again for letting me be part of the inception of Embodied Spirit meets Idea Therapy!… I might need round two soon!

Kylen – Managing Director, Perspectiva

The breathwork session in the middle of the day was beyond anything I have done before.  It was more impactful than any other mindfulness and breathing exercises I have tried.  It was both a body and mind experience and provided a unique bonding experience.  Shanti was an experienced, warm and personable instructor, making sure we all felt comfortable and safe and able to give ourselves to the experience.  During the session I gained some very useful insight into how I might best advance ideas we’d started to generate in the workshop, which could also be applied to our business, the Solar Wheel & Nuron partnership and my personal life.   After the experience, I felt very refreshed and my vison, mind and thoughts seemed much brighter and clearer than they had in a long time (almost like I was wearing polarised lenses).  It gave us plenty to talk about over lunch and we started the afternoon session buzzing, completely avoiding any after lunch slump.  It is one of the best team building exercises I have done and is very accessible for anyone.  

Claire – Managing Director, Nuron Tech

The breathwork session was an unconventional yet deeply valuable part of our business workshop. I have some previous experience of mindfulness in a business environment but nothing like this workshop. It served to both structure the day – a before and after – yet also deepen the actual objectives of the day. Far more than some form of “team building activity”, it enabled me to dig deeper into some of the questions we posed in the morning and bring specific technical and business ideas to the afternoon session. I would thoroughly recommend the inclusion of a breathwork session in future business workshops.

Paul – Technical Director, Nuron Tech

Still coming back down to earth after a truly remarkable weekend!  Pure alchemy and revelation!! Enormously grateful to Shanti & Lee for creating an incredible weekend from start to finish… Although it’s truly just the beginning!

Cat – Designer

Halfway through our workshop we broke out for a breathwork session.  I have never performed such a session during a business environment but found it incredibly engaging and novel. I personally found it provided a nice break from the brainstorming sessions we carried out that allowed my mind to process ideas and formulate them into a more holistic concept that could be discussed and developed in later stages of the session. I would highly recommend to help the creative juices flow.

Tom – Engineering and Operations Manager, Nuron Tech

Shanti and Lee, Most gracious of you to invite and to host and to hold space for realisation and allowing transformation to take place.

Dr Iya Whitely – Public Speaker | Space & Aviation Psychology | Wellbeing & Extreme Environments | Integrated Medicine

Just a quick note of appreciation to you all (especially Shanti, Lee and Tomec), to say thank you for the wonderful 3 days we spent together. So much to reflect and build on!

Amal – Co-founder and Co-Director of the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion

Thanks so much for a lovely few days everyone. I think the concept for the retreat is amazing and really successful.

Jim – Data Visualisation Specialist